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9th June Wrap

Hi folks, 9th June saw another great night of racing at “Arthur Strike Park” Home of the Cairns International Speedway. The shower of rain in the late afternoon must have changed a lot of people’s minds to stay home but that didn’t stop the drivers from getting out there & doing what they all love.

National 4 Cylinders had a couple of new additions to the class, with Lea Jones returning for a run in the #14 Buddy King Lancer (Lea later told me she really enjoyed herself); the #999 Honda driven by Ben Powell, and Buddy Kings first time drive in the #23 ex Len Pavey Subaru. Darryn won the first heat, came second in heats 2 & 3. Started the feature on pole, the green light came on and everyone took off except Darryn. Apparently the car jumped out of gear & by the time he got it going the field was on the back straight so it was a big chase but couldn’t make up the lost ground.

Feature Congratulations to #19 Ian Turner, 2nd #60 Matthew Woodham, 3rd #23 Buddy King, 4th #11 Darryn Collins, 5th #999 Ben Powell and 6th #14 Lea Jones. Sorry I didn’t get to find out what happened to #33 Colin Cornaggia.

Modified Sedans.
Some really good racing from this class at the moment. Goes to show when cars are set up well they are much more manageable and easier to control, and it makes for better racing for everyone. Johnno won the first heat, heat 2 was in 4th place & ran out of puff, pulled infield with one lap to go & found some more puff finished in 7th. Failed spark plug again. Heat 3 he came second to #15 Chris Ross – this was Chris’ first win in Modified Sedans (so look out, now he knows he can do it I’m sure we will see many more).

Feature Congratulations #21 Johnno Collins, 2nd #15 Christopher Ross, 3rd #6 Steven Manly, 4th #8 Scott Vella, 5th #39 Jason Barnard, 6th #54 Paul Carr, & #69 Graham Kleinhans pull up to the fence on the first lap & went infield & was followed by #4 Dave Manly on lap2 with a broken gearbox. Great to see good, close & clean racing.

Erik Wallace broke the Junior Formula 500 lap record (again) with a time of 14.939sec. Junior 500s feature winner Congratulations#NQ39 Brodie Davis, 2nd #NQ99 Ash Ewing, 3rd, #89 Erik Wallace. We would also like to wish Erik good luck with his venture to Darwin for the 2018 Australian Junior Sedan Title on 30th June.

Sprint Sedans
Feature winner Congratulations #43 Geoff Roeser, 2nd #29 Luke Gilbert.

Formula 500s.
First round of the Cairns Autobarn Stampede. Feature winner Congratulations #NQ46 Brett Sciban, 2nd #NQ12 Mathew Fleming, 3rd #34 Jared Desmares, 4th #55 Josh Pokarier, 5th #NQ93 Tessa Underwood.

Dirt GoKarts.
I know the Dirt GoKarts are new to our speedway & it is good to see the support for the class with the turnout of racers at the track each meeting but I’m still in the dark about this section. I have worked out that the races are mixed classes & I have no idea what the difference is between them apart from the fact that they will have different engine sizes. From a spectators point of view it would be good if each class had a different coloured plate or something that we can work out who’s who at a glance. They all had good numbering on them but I’m yet to learn the drivers & the classes. There was some good racing from this class as well. I hope the racers all wear kidney belts. I reckon their gizzards must get a good shake up because GoKarts aren’t the smoothest vehicles to ride in.

Nice to see Crossway Wreckers-Turn it up Towing had their pretty little blue ute doing the pace car duties in style again.

Our thanks must always go to the members & volunteers that make it all possible. Their many hours spent on bringing us a great meeting is much appreciated. Our club members that travel from near and far to entertain us, thank you. Also thanks to our ever reliable pit crew Bretto, the Stockman family, Ryano (we missed you this meeting) that help out not only at the track but in the workshop too. Also to those that gave #11 a push into the trailer after losing the clutch. Well both the cars need some TLC as there’s always something to do or be fixed. Can’t forget to thank my wonderful boyfriend & Old Boy for all his support, after all he’s to blame for our keen interest in this sport.

I had a great night & thank you to every one who wished me a Happy Birthday & I won the meat tray so we have already enjoyed the top quality meat supplied by Donaghys Butchery, so if you need some great meat go see them at Edmonton. I also got propositioned by some cheeky volunteer wanting to take me for a ride in his ute but I thought he might lead me astray & remembered my Dad telling me not to accept rides from old men. (I am only 18 you know) Hahaha. Thanks also to Michelle S, Chloe & Chelsea for my cakes & little party before speedway & Ashey-Belle & Alex for their surprise visit to the track. Everyone made it a very happy day for me.

Next meeting is the 2018 Qld National 4 Cylinder Title on the 30th June. Hope to see you all there.


The Collins Crew