November 17 Wrap

Well folks, Saturday night saw the last meeting for the 2018 season run at “Arthur Strike Park” Home of the Cairns International Speedway at Edmonton. It was pleasing to see a good crowd & I can’t work out why Demos bring so many people when nearly every other show has just as much excitement with all the sections. The Q-Mac Machinery / Kubota, NQ Title for Modified Sedans had as much action as the Demo Derby & poor “Maud” looks like she needs a complete re-paneling after some fast & furious racing in one of the heats putting on a great show of sparks as she hit the fence on the front straight but in saying that, it wasn’t as spectacular as the show #69 Graham Kleinhans car put on when his diff decided to catch fire.

Also check out some of the photos taken of the cars at the start of the season (on GordonG Photography) and on the night by Ted Photography & compare the two beautiful “Affordable Towing ” cars #4 Dave Manly & #6 Steven Manly that started the season in pristine condition – they’ve had a hard year indeed! I really don’t think many cars escaped some sort of damage on the night in pursuit of the Title of “North Queensland Modified Sedan Champion.”

Johnno had a night of seconds, starting H1 out of 11 & finishing 2nd. H2 he started in 2 & finished 2nd. H3 he started in 5 & finished, (you guessed it!) 2nd, but he did break the lap record on the 13th lap of the feature race with a time of 16.768sec. Well done Johnno !

The NQ Modified Sedan Title Feature results are:-
Congratulations 🏁#T25 Adam Jorgensen on the win with #21 Johnno Collins 2nd. #T28 Hayden Stephensen 3rd. #4 Dave Manly 4th. #15 Chris Ross 5th. #13 Dan Pitchfork 6th. #8 Scott Vella 7th. & #6 Steven Manly 8th. Sadly #69 Graham Kleinhans & #T20 Jason Cummins didn’t finish & #39 Jason Barnard didn’t get to start after suffering damage in a previous heat.

National 4 Cylinder Sedans put on some good racing and the entire field that started the night was lined up for the Feature & that’s very good to see. This class has members that go out of their way to get as many cars on the grid as possible every meeting & this time the #14 Mitsubishi Lancer was piloted by Brett Dawson who did very well & I hope he had a great time, we look forward to seeing him next season in his own car. Sadly other regulars #18 Matthew Woodham & #33 Colin Cornaggia didn’t make the meeting, but we will look forward too seeing them next season also.

Darryn had a good night & bought home the chockies. He won heats 1 & 2 & had Ben Powell right behind him in both heats. The 3rd heat he started in 6th & just couldn’t round up everyone so came 2nd to Ben.
Congratulations to Feature race winner πŸπŸ€— #11 Darryn Collins. #999 Ben Powell 2nd. #14 Buddy King 3rd. #19 Ian Turner 4th. #38 Brandon Wyatte 5th. #25 Nathan Hewitt 6th. #14 Brett Dawson 7th.

Final round of the Cairns Autobarn Formula 500 Series was taken out by the Underwood Ladies, how good is that? We wish you lots of Good luck with your racing down South & safe travels.

Congratulations to the winner, 🏁#NQ93 Lexi Underwood. 2nd #NQ96 Tessa Underwood. 3rd #NQ34 Jared Desmares. 4th #NQ7 Mace Papworth. 5th #NQ16 Kane Alley. 6th #NQ39 Brodie Davis. (Well done Brodie your first race meeting in the Senior Division.)

Junior Formulas only had 2 competitors and the Feature race Congratulations go to 🏁#NQ 6 Jay Howell & sadly #NQ99 Ash Ewing only did 3laps.

Cairns Sprint Sedans. Oh dear! What can I say, I don’t really know what has actually happened but it will not be the way #43 Geoff Roeser intended to to finish the year off I’m sure. The feature race Congratulations go to, 🏁#29 Tony Villella. 2nd #54 Paul Carr.

The Dirt Karts had good fields and it’s great to see the little people learning the ropes of the racing game. There was plenty of action in these classes too. It’s not really an ideal situation for a go kart to to come in contact with a concrete fence & there was a bit of that on Saturday night too. I just hope anyone concerned didn’t end up with injuries.

And the biggest winner on the night was:- Β 
Congratulations 🏁Calvin Fuchs $$$$ who won the Demo Derby.

We also had a visit from Santa who was distributing lollies by the handfuls to everyone. I think he would have been very happy to get back home to the North Pole to cool off a bit.

As always we need to thank everybody involved in making these meetings happen. There is so much that has to happen behind the scenes to make it possible for us to enjoy our sport & also those who put the show on as well. So if you have any part in putting these nights together, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Also Thank you to all our visiting drivers who make our shows that much better. Thanks also to our club members that travel from near & far, it’s not always easy to make every meeting. Also thanks to our pit crew for all their help not only on race nights but in the shed too. It’s been a huge year & next event is Presentation night on the 8th December 2018.

Cheers, The Collins Crew